Client Referral

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to Dress for Success Cincinnati

Please note we have a new referral form.

Referral Procedures

Organizations interested in making client referrals to Dress for Success Cincinnati should email Ashley Hunter or call 513-322-1787 to request an application packet. Completed applications are reviewed by the Dress for Success Cincinnati staff upon receipt. 
Once an organization’s application is approved, the organization must sign a formal referral agreement. An organization cannot refer clients until a referral agreement has been signed and the staff member(s) responsible for making referrals has attended an orientation session. Should there be any changes in staff at the referring agency, the newly designated staff member(s) must contact Dress for Success Cincinnati before he/she can make client referrals.

Scheduling an Appointment

All Client Referral Forms are now online at our website. This method will cut down on time and paper for both Dress for Success Cincinnati and the referring agency. Please do not FAX referrals. Evening appointments are now available! Call for more information.

Sending a referral online

Click here and fill in the online referral form. All information must be filled out completely or the form cannot be submitted. Once completed, click “submit” at the bottom of the form. A DfSC staff person will contact the case manager or client to schedule the appointment.