JoAnna's Story

I was born and raised in a prominent east side middle class community. I got married at a very young age -- and for over 10 years lived in an intensely abusive marriage along with my two kids.

I finally escaped my abusive husband, and my children and I were on our way to building a new safe life.  My husband was arrested, but our lives shattered again when law enforcement took my kids and charged me with complicity – because I had been too frightened and beaten down to leave him earlier. Abuse had caused fear to completely override any fight or flight response. Charges were pressed against me, and I served three years in prison. 

Once I was back home I was led to Dress for Success and I was able to start re-establishing my life again. My first step was receiving and interview suit. Then I participated in the workforce classes. The suit I received was great, but the people I met were priceless. There is so much more than the interview suit.

I attended the Going Places Network sessions, updated my resume, tweaked my interview skills and networked with women who came in to speak and teach. In just a few months, I gained full time employment and graduated into the Professional Women’s Group where I’m learning more about getting ahead at my job, health & wellness, finances and so much more. 

This organization fiercely believes in empowering women. I would not be the person I am today Dress for Success in my life.  

I have been reunited with my children and we are working on coming to grips with the past and work on having a healthy family again.

Thank you, Dress for Success for the support and motivation. I’ve grabbed hold of the tools and resources you offered me and I know I can always count on you.