Is my donation of clothing or money to Dress for Success Cincinnati tax deductible?

Yes. The IRS classifies Dress for Success Cincinnati as a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All eligible donations are tax deductible.


How do I get a receipt?

You will receive a receipt letter from us for financial donations. When you donate clothing, you will receive a card that lets you complete the items donated and the value of those items.


How do I donate clothing?

Click here to see all the information about donating clothing.


Can you pick up my donations?

No, we’re sorry, but we cannot. Dress for Success Cincinnati is a volunteer-driven organization, and we simply do not have the resources or the staff to provide pickup service.


Where can I deliver my donated clothing?

Our Donation Center is located at 4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite H, in Norwood. Click here to see the days and hours when you may bring your clothing donations.


Do you have other donation locations?

No, our Donation Center at 4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite H, Cincinnati, OH 45212 is our only donation location.


Can you dry clean my donations?

Sorry, we cannot. We ask that you bring us only clean clothing. We have the capability to steam items to remove wrinkles, but cannot clean them.


How can I make a financial donation to Dress for Success Cincinnati?

You can send a check directly to our office at 4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite H, Cincinnati OH 45212 or by credit card through any Donate button on this website. We also can accept gifts of appreciated stock, mandatory distributions from retirement accounts and planned gifts.  Please contact Tracey Zwick for more information at 513-322-1793. Click here for our Donation Form.


How do I make a referral for a client or myself?

A referral can be made online by a social service, non-profit or government agency. Self-referrals can be made here.

If you'd like to register your agency as a Referral Partner, call 513.651.3372 and ask to speak to our Styling Services Manager.


What is Portaluca?

Portaluca is a re-sale shop for women to find new and nearly new, stylish clothing and accessories for less while they are supporting Dress for Success Cincinnati. Portaluca is open to the public and proceeds help support Dress for Success Cincinnati’s services for disadvantaged women seeking employment.


I want to shop! Where is Portaluca and when is it open?

Portaluca is located at 4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite I, Cincinnati, OH 45212. Please visit portaluca.org for hours of operation.


What is the greatest need in support of the mission?

Your financial contributions are essential to help us cover the operating expenses that are necessary for our programs.

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